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Bird-Hunting “Brittany Dog” As Companion Pet

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Brittany dog bread is originated from France. It is the cross bread of white and orange setter dogs. Brittany dog bread is also known as “Brittany spaniel”. Brittany dog bread is firstly recognized in France in 1896. After in 1934 is well known in AKC.  This dog bread is famous as bird-hunting dog bread.



Other names:

•    Epagneul Breton
•     Brittany Spaniel
•    American Brittany

Life span:

Brittany dog average life span is 12 to 15 years.

Physical description:

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Brittany dog is the energetic and athletic medium sized dog bread. Average size head is in wedge shaped. Their floppy ears are set on their head. They can also having dark shade eyes according to their coat color.

Fawn brown tan and deep pink colored nose with wide nostrils these nose colors are also depend on their coat colors. Small feet with thick pad or arched toe are strong with their medium sized leg. Seizer bites nails are also dangerous. As a whole pretty look dog are look lovely and people to keep as pet.


Male Brittany dog height is 17 to 21 inches and female height is 18 to 20 inches.


Their male weight is 16 to 18 kg and female weight is 14 to 18 kg.

Coat color:

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Their coat is in orange and white, black and white, liver and white and also in tri color.


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Brittany dog is known as companion dog.  They are very intelligent dog so; they can easily train and quick response after an action. This sensitive natured dog can fall in restless condition if not provided physical exercise.

This dog bread is also famous for hunting because it is favorite activity of this dog. They are good with children and happy in the company of children. This alert dog is also best watchdog. This socialized puppy is friendly with owner and their family members in home setting.



Brittany dog having great stamina so, they needed plenty of exercise. They can also need daily long walk. You may also take care about their daily walk for your pet Brittany dog.


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Brittany dog needed grooming of their medium length coat.  You may also brush on their coat on daily basis with in good manners. Dry shampoo is used on their coat when they can necessary. Trim their extra hairs regularly. Check out their ear and eyes and cleans with cotton buds regular and save any kind of infection.

Litter size:


Their average litter size is 6 but sometime 11 puppies are also seen.

Living condition:

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Brittany dog bread is active in indoor setting and saves for cold and damp place.


They can require 1.5 to 2 cup of high quality dry food on daily basis into two times a day.

Health issues:

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Brittany dog bread is healthy dog bread. But they are also facing some physical problems. Hip dysplasia, epilepsy, hypothyroidism and breast cancer are also fallen in these diseases. You may also take away from veterinary doctor and treat well.
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