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Bichon Frises “Merry” Pure White Dogs As Pet


Bichon frises is smaller size dogs one of bichon type. These dogs are non–sporting group member in united state and also become a member of toy dogs. Bichon frises are affectionate, socialized and intelligent dogs love to live in human company. They also known as merry or cheerful dog as they live happily. Bichon frises called as “a white powder puff dogs”



Bichon frises have no clear information about its origin. Some believe that Bichon frises are descendants from Barbet water Spaniel, who is medium size water dog, and poodle. Bichon gfamily dogs include Bichon frises, Bolgnses, Coton de Tulear, Maltese and Havanese who originated in Mediterranean. All these digs have similar look and temperament. Bichon frises become popular pet dog in 16th century when French royal court bred it as favorite dog. In 1972s Bichon frises dog firstly recognized by AKC (American Kennel Club).

Life Span:


According to Canada and USA survey Bichon frises average life span is 12-13 year they like longer in good captivating. In UK Bichon frises have greater longevity then US Bichon frises.

Litter Size:

Average litter size of Bichon frises is 4-5 puppies.



Bichon frises are smaller toy size dogs, these fluffy, white coat dogs highly comes in pet lover attention due to their beauty and innocent nature. Bichon frises are 23-30 cm longer in height and average weight is 7-12 pounds of an adult Bichon frises dig. Bichon frises are just in pure white coat color. Medium length coat   have silky texture hairs with corkscrew curls like poodle dogs. Round back or dark brown eyes, , curvy dropped ears, short muzzles and carried tail look cute. Short legs and medium bone body is matched with it active personality. They have scissors bit teeth.



Bichon frises are lively, active, intelligent and independent dogs   socialized with humans. They are not aggressive in nature that why they also naked as merry and cheerful dog. Happy tampered and self assured gods do not hyper. They are good learner learn quickly. They excellently behave genteelly with kids and small pet dogs. You have to trained then about rule following. Tell him clearly what to do or what do not. They obsessively bark. They are good guardian. They show aggressive nature and separation anxiety through snapping, barking or even bite.



Bichon frises commonly face serious skin problems as they are prone to scratching and chewing on themselves. Fleas, chemical, pollen and dust allergies are also find in Bichon frises dogs. Beside they skin and allergies health issues diabetes, heart disease, cataracts, loose knee joints   and ear infection are frequent ailment   that Bichon frises to suffer from.



Bichon frises are non-shedding dog best for those who do not like hair on their carpets and couch. They just need grooming to remove loss hairs and dead skin cells just like poodle dogs. Frequent combing, brushing, trimming and bathing is necessary to remove loose hairs that keep them always for skin infections and allergies. Daily coat brushing matting as severally matting may generate hematoma. They dogs are best pet for owner how are allergies but dander and saliva   factors also in Bichon frises that prevent and stick when they sit on clothes or carpets.



Bichon frises are active and lively dog need proper exercise to keep it fit. Regular walk, and plenty to playing games keep its energetic, games are not enough for exercise they have to walk otherwise behavior problems produced.

Living Condition:


Bichon frises are playful and affectionate dogs easily adjust in indoor and outdoor living. They are also non-allergies dogs fit n apartment live style with extra exercise. They are socialized with family, other pets and kids freely move from room to room.

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