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Bedlington terrier “Companion Dog” as Pet




Bedlington terrier is the medium sized lamb like dog. As their name they can developed in Bedlington country of England.  This puppy original name is Rothbury terrier. This dog bread is also known as hunting dog. It can have killer instinct. But it is active companion dog. So people keep as pet in home setting. As compare to other terriers they can more relaxed and less needs.  They can also know as watch dog status.

Life span:

Bedlington terrier average life span is up to 17 years.

Physical appearance:


Bedlington terrier is look like little lamb. This dog is also having a pear shaped narrow but rounded head. This dog is also having small size almond shape eye. Round tips triangular ears are set behind their eyes. Their muzzles are strong.  Bedlington terrier back legs are long as compare to front straight legs. Their chest is in deep setting wit their arched back. This dog is also having thick low tail.

Coat color:

Bedlington terrier is also having number of coat colors.  They can have Blue sandy liver and also in dual shade such as blue and tan, sandy and tan.


Bedlington terrier male bread height is 16 to 17 inches and female height is 15 to 16 inches.


Bedlington terrier bread average weight is 8 to 10 kg.



Bedlington terrier is the loyal as nature and companion dog. They can curious lovely friendly and affectionate companion dog. They can love to spending time with people and their owner family. They can like to play with owner and their kids.  This dog bread can also enjoy for your guests.  Bedlington terrier can also get center of attention with their activities. They can also like to ply fly ball these dogs are also good trainer dog when you can give any training then give positive reinforcement in shape of food and playing.



Bedlington terrier coat is needed to brushing every week. Their coat hairs are also trimmed in one time a month. Clean their ear and tooth bushing on daily basis for their pet Bedlington terrier. They can also need bathing but not infrequent bathing. This dog bead is also needed high level grooming.



Bedlington terrier is also needs plenty of exercise as other terrier dogs. When you can keep as pet then take care of their daily long walk. You may also go with their pet for daily long walk.

Litter size:


Bedlington terrier approximately litter size is 3 to 6 puppies.

 Living conditions:


Bedlington terrier is basically indoor dog bread. They can live happily in apartment setting. When you can keep as pet then make their pet house in home indoor setting near your living areas.

Health and care:


Bedlington terrier dog is basically a healthy dog but they can also having inherited liver problem. This liver problem is recognized as copper storage disease. This dog bread can also face PRA, kidney disease, eye problems, thyroid problems and many more disease. Bu you can take care of theme and take away from veterinary doctor and start treatment in early stage of any disease.
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