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Barbet Dog-Complete Guideline to Keep It as Pet


Barbet dog is affectionate, playful and socialized dog breed also known as French water retriever. This dog grabs pet owner attention due to fluffy and curly coat and wonderful personalities. They are active dog enjoy owner company. They are actually family dog good with all either children of other pet. They can stay alone. If you do not have enough time to stay with him then bring another pet which give him pleasant company.



Barbet dog breed named derived from the French word barber which means bread.  Barbet dog are originated from France as Barbet named at French word. This dog has long history because it very ancient dog breed and ancestors of most dog breeds found today. Barbet dog is actual a working dogs first developed in 1387 but it take time to establishment.

Barbet dog is obedient, loyal and lovely dog brilliantly works as hunting dog. It also listed in retriever, flushing and water dog groups. French water dog is another name of this breed. These dogs have thick water proof coat which also allow him to work in low temperatures. They are excellent abilities if chasing and retrieving. It’s rare breed just founded in native region,

Life span:

Barbet dog average life expectancy is 13-15 years.

Litter size:


It vary from 5-8 puppies in one litter

Physical description:


Barbet dog are medium size dog breed approximately 20-26 inches tall which a weight of 35-60 pound. Female are smaller than the male with low weights. Woolly and curly coat consist on longer hair. They are hypoallergenic dog do not shed a lot but the fur seems in different corner of the home fell then they stretch their body. Generally Barbet dogs found in black and brown colors but white fawn, chestnut, grey, pale fawn and sand colors are seem in this breed.

Black and brown dog having white marks on their chest and paws are more common.  Water proof fur is perfect for this water retriever. Thick and dense coat keep it warm in cold seasons. Rounded head shaggy bread muzzle are visible feature of it face. It has stronger yet flexible body. Stronger leg provides full sport to the body frame. Furry tail curled backward that so pretty.



Barbet dog are loyal, obedient, faithful and intelligent dog breed love lo live with families. It like to stay I crowded areas fill with peoples. Barbet dog shows affectionate and lovely behaviors toward children. You can let this dog along in home with children and other pets. It active and playful breed never let you feel bore. They quickly learn everything if you train them with positive theory. Punishment is not good for these dogs.

They soft and furry coat attracts everyone to cuddle but its coat packed with debris m contamination and mud. Barbet dog nick named as mud dog. They love to play in water. Follow you from room to room. They can’t stay alone at home even in their kennel. They also know as shadowing dog enjoys People Company. If you force then to live along they must faces separation anxiety. This dog actually has wonderful personalities never be discussed in words. It’s really and pleasant experience to kept Barbet dog as pet.

Living condition:


Barbet dog are more socialized then other dog breeds. They known as shadowing dog chases you from room to room. They can’t live alone anywhere so it good to kept them in home along your family. Stay them out of the kennels because kennels and pet sheds are not appropriate for them. They need you attention and praise all the time.  Put they bed in the visible corner of the home where it watch family members all the time.


Barbet dog is medium size dog breed required healthier food. Use the lager breed formula to measure food quantity but take care of it nutrition chart. High quality dry dog food, cooked meat and other healthier table scraps are good for him. Frequently treats keep it happier and active.

Health and care:


Generally Barbet dog is healthy breed yet they may prone to genetic issues such as epilepsy, hip dysplasia, entropion and hernias. Barbet dog also vulnerable to ear infections, undescended testicles, and overshot/undershot bits problems. Clean out the ears regularly especially when they stay longer in water because ear infection causes to water. Consult to related veterinarian if you found any problem.



Barbet dog has woolly and thicker coat attracts you to cuddle or snuggle but only possible when it cleans otherwise it contain lost of mud and other dirty material which damage it coat and also causes to spread germ inside the home. They have to need extensive grooming regularly. Barbet dog do not shed which look it plus point but it hair seem everywhere resulting due to scratching or detangling with any objects. This will happened if you don’t pay attention toward it grooming.



Exercises are good to keel the body physically fit and also better for heather state of mind. Barbet dog needed regular exercise that include regular walk is necessary to maintain this sporty dog health. Swimming, hunting and hiking are other ways to keep it active all the time.


Intelligence, obedience and agility are the common features make him perfect learner. They are great achiever quickly learn everything. They show excitement while learning new tricks. They need consistent leadership if desire to have well organized pet otherwise they learn fun trick by their own.

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