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Australian Cattle Dog as Pet

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Australian Cattle Dog is herding and watch dog  developed in Australia that way recognized as Australian Cattle Dog,  it medium size and high-energy dog breed feel happy while excepting challenges. They take interest in different task.  Structurally train Australian Cattle dog let you feel excellent experience. Enjoy timeless companionship by breeding Australian Cattle as pet.




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Australian Cattle Dog develops by crossing breeding Dingo-blue merle collies with Dalmatians and Kelpies (black and tan) in 1840 by Thomas Hall. For next thirty years Australian Cattle Dog just works for Hall’s.

They perform working and herding dog in 1870 after Thomas hall death Australian Cattle Dog named as Hall’s heeler easily availed for other peoples. Robert Kaleski wrote standard for Australian Cattle Dog in 1893 that was approved in 1903 in Australia. AKC recognized it in 1980.  Till that time Australian Cattle Dog breed as herding dog through the world especially in Australia and united state.

Life span:

Average life expectancy of Australian Cattle dog is about 13-15 years.

Litter size:

3 Australian Cattle dog as pet (5)

Average 5 puppies otherwise 1-7

Other name:

•    Blue heeler
•    Hall’s heeler
•    Queensland heeler
•    Red heeler
•    Australian heeler
•    Australisher Treibhund

Physical appearance:

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Australian Cattle are medium size breed longer in size than height. They come to 43-51 cm in height with a weight of 30-62 pound. Female dog are short then male dogs. They ace compact and powerful muscular system.

Stronger body frame is perfecting for working, front leg are straight then back legs. Powerful Muzzle, oval eyes, pricked side part ears make it face look more attractive. Undocked tail with white tip is also visible feature of Australian Cattle Dog. Come to the coat color and marking.

Double dense short hair coat are found in five different color and three markings.  Red Sparkled, blue sparkled, blue mottled m red mottled and blue are prominent color of Australian Cattle Dog coat.
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Australian Cattle Dog is smart, attractive, powerful, obedient and intellectual dog breed. They are amazing pet perform working and house guard activities without any cost.  Tendency to bard is quite high in Australian Cattle Dog that is due to their working nature. They bark loudly when found threat in surrounding. They show patience and affectionate behaviors toward children.

Living condition:

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Australian Cattle dog is highly energetic breed need lots of work to do along with exercise. Apartment living is not suited to Australian Cattle.  They are herding and watch dog best ling in countryside areas yet you can keep in home having larger yards.  Short double coat will make it able to adjust in cold and warmer temperatures.


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After reading Australian Cattle dog physical and behavioral characteristic you will realize that they are tireless, active and willful dog stay healthy if you take care of it exercise. Involve them in different jobs and activities that will burn extra calories. Proper exercise is also good for mental and physical health. Recessive piebald, congenital hereditary, progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia is certain health issuer richly examine in Australian Cattle dog. Deafness and blindness are more common in Australian Cattle dog.


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As we know Australian Cattle dog has short hair double coat is low maintenance dog breed require little shedding. Use firm brush or comb to brush its coat. Occasionally bath is good for coat. They are low shedder tend o shed hair twice in a years. Carefully cleans ears to keep the ears infection free.


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Fitness is the main reason behind the tough exercise requirement for Australian Cattle dog. They are alert, active and energetic dog. To maintain it body structure take it for daily walk otherwise keep him busy in different jobs such as herding the stock.   Daily walk and extra playtime is best to keep them active.


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Australian Cattle dog are energetic and intelligent dog breed quickly learn but you have to focus over train in earlier agers.  Firm training give surprising result if you give it to small puppies. Australian Cattle require active and happiest pet. It not good choice of new owner yet experience owner know how to make them excellent pet.


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