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Angle-soft kisses- keep Saint Bernard puppies as pet


Saint Bernard is playful, faithful and affectionate breed that become popular pets as they are best search, rescue and home guard. Saint Bernard origin to Switzerland firstly founded in 1980 while crossing alpine pass between Switzerland and Italy. In 17 century people take greater services form Saint Bernard for saving lives of peoples who avalanches in snow passes near the Hospice because these dogs have incredible smelling senses that they can smell feet on snow that leave behind the man. When they found any victim they lick and lie down over them to keep them warmth. They save thousands of peoples who forget ways and injured. Saint Bernard dogs are amazing watch, guard, and rescue dog yet their puppies are also attractive pet due to their cute behaviors with kids. It’s a fun to spend time with little Saint Bernard puppies. You spend excellent time with them as it always fresh in your memories.



Saint Bernard pups are smaller in size with a weight of 1.5 pound. They are in white and black color at the time of birth yet their darker fur become lighter everyday as it take too short time that you can believe. They have tiny claws sharper like a razor, and soft skin as they are heavenly acre which give delightful and adorable look to Saint Bernard puppies.



Saint Bernard is gentle, friendly and obedient in nature. These pets tolerant of kids as well as they enjoy adult company. They are true companion and faithful to ward their owners. They are socialized, intelligent and watchful dog yet they need proper training in their early puppyhood.   They need to train that do not jumps over the humans and how to behave others.



Saint Bernard new litter need soft bedding in open section on floor that best for them as higher and box bedding have greater risk of fall when they trapped behind their moms. Avoid to keeping their bed in boxes.

How to take care of Saint Bernard puppies


Spend more of time with your littermates as they   easily interact with humans, it important time for puppies as they need proper attention and food for growing, learning and adjusting in human environment. Here we discuss little caution that you have to follow to keep Saint Bernard puppies in best care.

Bring them out of mom homes as they may accidentally lie over them. Saint Bernard puppies are smaller in size in relation to mom size may harmed by them so it’s better to camp them out.


Remove puppy’s dewclaws when they are three days old. Dew claws are extra claws inside the paws.

Saint Bernard puppies need more love, time and affection as spend time with them as they become use to human touch.



Saint Bernard puppies also required special care during feeding. Avoid giving them adult food as it carry high portion of proteins that’s no good for puppies. Puppies grow up slowly so the need balanced food them make their bones stronger and healthy. Approximately feed ¾ or 1 cup of food thrice in a day. Add small amount of lukewarm water in dry kibble food and let it soak water and when it become soft serve it before your pet puppy. Increase the amount of food as puppy grows up.



Saint Bernard puppies open their eyes in 10 to 14 days and for that time they need a place to play that first step of it training. Prepare an area for playing and training. Saint Bernard grows up faster firstly learn slowly walk and then rum. You have to trained them how it live into a home as they puddles anywhere in homes even on your carpet. It’s better to train him initial things. Put a newspaper near door for restrain him. If he do urinate on paper then reward him if not then place him on paper until he learn it properly.  Along with housing training they also need to train how to rescue other and utilized it qualities. Allow large size rubber toy to play with them as soon they familiarized with his toys. They jumps to patted which may frightened kid and harmful when they become adult o trained them that no jump. Start proper training in earlier ager as you can train then in 4 to 6 month later it become difficult and painful.



Puppies also need grooming in his earlier age. Brush their coat to remove dust and fleas and they become use to with come of brush. They probably wiggle and cry loudly with you groom they as they are uncooperative yet soon they feel happy when you brush their coat. Keep in clean in earlier ages. If feel necessary bathed him yet dry his coat as soon s possible in winter seasons.




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