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Very Active Belgian Malinois Dog Detail Information

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The Belgian Malinois dog name drive from Belgian city of Malines. This breed of dog is still rare in the USA. It is a medium to large sized dog used for different working task. The Malinois is primarily breed as working dog for personal protection, search, rescue, detection, police work and for sport work.

Other Name:

Chien de Berger Belge
Belgian shepherd Malinois
Mechelse Shepherd

Life Span:

10 to 12 years


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The Belgian Malinois dog can easily found due to short mahogany coat with black marking. The dog has erect ear and black muzzle. The body of dog often described square that only look clearly when the legs and top line are view from the side. The oversized head with deep chest and skull is flat with width and length. Dog has strong tail with bone based. The acceptable colors of Malinois are fawn to mahogany and tan with black mask, and black ear. The hair around the neck looks like a collar.

Weight and Height:

Weight male 25-30 kg female 22-25 kg
Height male 61-66 cm female 56-61 cm

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The Belgian Malinois dogs are active, trained, intelligent, protective, alert, hard working and very friendly. These dogs energy level is very high. A typical   Malinois will have puppy like energy level until it reach at three years. If you not provide enough stimulation and exercise these develop neurotic behavior. This breed of dog requires obedience training and enjoy new task. You can easily train these dogs due to high drive for reward.

Health Problem:

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The Belgian Malinois has no major health problem. Some minor concern that looked in this breed is skin allergy, excessive shyness, eye problem, thyroid disease, epilepsy and occasionally hip dysplasia   and elbow dysplasia.

Living Condition:


This dog is sufficient for apartment life if properly exercise you can afford. You can enjoy active and alert dog indoor with an average sized yard. The breed of dog prefer cool climate and can live outdoor but much batter with his people. Provide lots of exercise including daily walk.


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The shorthaired coat of dog is easy to groom with regular brush. Give bath only if necessary. The breed is light shedder but shade twice a year.

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