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7 Smartest Dogs On Top Of the List

Dog is faithful and true companion bring happiness and pleasure in one’s live.  Their friendly and loyal behavior tend pet owner to keep them as pet. They are affectionate and gentle dog   bigger source of   reducing stress. You can enjoy good time with them. Here we bring top 7 intelligent breed that smartness and clever attitude surprised you.  They dog are quick learner and amazing characteristics that you need in your dog.

Border collie:

border collie

When we talk about the top eight most clever and intelligent dog then Border collie is take place on the top of the list.  It medium size developed breed as working dog.  It’s also good herding dog. Border collie developed for herding livestock in Anglo Scottish. It’s playful and active dog. Their higher energy level and naughty behaviors raise the popularity of Border collie as pet.  Its quickly learn things. Border collie is smartest dog in the world. They easily learn commands, whistle sounds and hand singes which are more effective in herding stock.  They also follow direction. With all these characteristics Border collie is great challenge for inexperienced owner. They need lot of exercise and care. They think a lot sometime they quickly react in unexpected conditional without human command. Border collie wisely judges the environment and fined the thing around him.

German Shepherd Dog:

Germany Sheep-dog laying on the grass with laptop

German shepherd assumes natural guard and protector work as herding dog. Its world most popular animal bred as pet.  Its have amazing intelligence level surprised ts owner smart doings. They are honest and loyal toward their owner. They take care of their home and family. Tamed German shepherd   behave affectionately with children as well as adult,   generally they have calming nature.  They have trainable abilities such as mental or physical.  There direct and fearless attitude raise their value.  They feel fun in doing interesting task.

Golden Retriever:

3 Golden retriever too cleve

Golden retriever is active, smart and playful dog larger size breed very loyal and friendly to their owner. They also level in good way with family and children. In other word they are good family dog.  Golden retriever Have higher intelligence level. They have bigger mind behind with cute and sweet face.  They lean more things. They are expert in hunting.  They can swim, run fast and jump.  In US Golden retriever is become most popular breed due to its gentle and tolerant attitude.  They are excellent ability of tracking, and drug sniffing that why it’s also bred by different securities forces as working dog.

4 smart golden retriver


5 poodle as clever pet

Poodle is also on top of the list of clever and smart dog.  They originated from France and Germany. Poodle is alert and active dog grabs attention through its cute and fluffy appearance and fun loving behaviors.  They re trainable dog easily tamed for household.  Its smartness is shown in each task either it eat food, playing and also in hygienic activities.  Toy poodle, miniature poodle, standard poodle, and medium poodle are type of poodle dog.   They are obedient, and faithful quickly follow the commands.  They are good-looking dog have beautiful coat and cute face. They need too much grooming and care.

Doberman pinscher:

6 Doberman pinscher  extremelly  loyal  dog

Doberman pinscher is energetic and fearless breed domesticated as pet dog firstly originated in 1890.   They are medium-larger dog found in black, white red and fawn color. They are little aggressive but obedient and loyal to their owner. They are amazing family dog richly demanded by dog lovers. Doberman pinscher ferocity and intelligent bring in top of the clever dog list.

Shetland Sheepdog:

7 shetland sheepdog

Sheltie is active herding dog high socialized and affectionate to their owner.  They originated from Shetland. They are to producing in herding stock. Their delicate and appealing look, sweet behavior and smart attitude make it more demandable pet.  They   are close to the family and bound to their owner.  They are sensitive dog need proper care and attention. During they refuse to   obey order if you do not command in right way.

Labrador Retriever:

8 Labrador Retriever  the smart Swimmer

Labrador retriever gain popularity in UK and US countries to its prettiest appearance and lovely attitude.  They are tempered, agile and intelligent dog. Some owner bred them to participate in sport competitions. They are intelligent dog keep as herding and home guard dog.  They are good play send long time in playing with balls, they also love water. They jump and swim in water so provide them   water and larger space to like to make it happy.

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