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7 Caring Tips for Your Puppy Paws in winter


Winter season can get tough time for your pet dog paw for walking. In winter season cold air rain winter dryness and snow are the main causes of your dog paw affected. When you can go for outside walk then take care of your puppy in cold winter season. Salt and ice melting material is too dangerous for your beloved dog. So, extra care is done in winter season for your dog paws.

Caring tips of dog paw in winter:


Here are some caring tips for your puppy paws I cold winter season.

•    Apply a balm before walk:


When you can go some wine walk then thick layered of balm is applying on their puppy paws. After walking wipe the ice and salty material with washing soft cloth. After cleaning their paws apply another balm for soothing till dry. It can most effective tip for dog paw comfort.

•    Prep the paws with trimming:


In winter season firstly prepare your puppy paws with trimming for winter walking. Trim your puppy feet hairs because they can irritate walking on ice and snow walking. Ice balls salt crystals and melting chemicals can dangerous for your puppy paws if they can irritated on their feet.

•    Warm water soak tip:


When you can come after snow dog some walk the soak their feet in warm water for soothing. When their paws are walk on ice then their paws are too hard and freeze. So, warm water can provide soothing touch on your puppy paws.

•    Bring a towel for cleaning:


Towel is also one of the purposive tips for your dog paws. When your dog can walk down on snow then clean their paws with towel after some time. Clean the salt material and ice melting chemicals through towel because they can cause of redness and cracks of your puppy feet. So must take a towel during walk.

•    Snow rinse:


Snow rinse is must after walking because it can cause of tenderfoot problems.   When puppy feet are on snow then their paws cuts and enter the salt chemical that can dangerous for their paw. So, rinse the snow on your puppy feet and save from your puppy feet.

•    Anti bacterial treatment:


In winter season cuts and scrap is common problem through snow and ice melting chemical. Heel their cut and scrap anti bacterial wash is must. After washing, anti bacterial cream and bandage is applying on these cuts.

•    Dog boots:


Dog bots are the best idea to take care of your puppy paws. It can save any kinds of cut and scraps. These boots can save your puppy paws with ice balls salt material and melting chemical problem.  These boot can made high quality material and save any kind of danger.  Initially your dog can irritated with these boot but after one time they can use to their booties and like their boots in winter season.
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These all beneficial tips can protect your puppy paws in winter season. So, must try on this season for your lovely dog.

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